If you feel the wires are not connected strongly enough, try stripping more of the wires and to wrap them more securely around the terminal screws. If have a micro-SD card recording: 2. You can set the ranges however you want, but it is recommended that the Auto mode has the smallest temperature range difference, Eco would be wider, and Away mode will be the widest range. Tap the “check” icon to save the setting. It should be the QR code with “Device ID” labeled above it. Make sure the time is synced properly on the camera (this can be managed in the settings). Once you have successfully connected the device to your Momentum account, mount the device under your garage opener using the provided sticker or sticker + metal plate. i. Visit https://account.momentum-cam.com/ to sign up online or click ‘’My Account" link in the navigation bar at the top of this page. This is most likely related to a pairing issue: SAVE THE RECEIPT! Your camera may have lost Internet connection. 1080p Real-Time, Video Advanced, Motion Sensor, Night Vision, Two-Way Talk, and 110dB Siren. Check to see if you have the latest firmware version on your camera or other device. DO NOT disconnect the wires. These double motion verifications help create more reliable alerts. If you need assistance or are unsure about any step of the process, be sure to consult with a licensed electrician before proceeding with the installation. You may even use a combination of the tape and metal plate if you want to be able to remove the camera from the garage door opener easier. From the Knok camera’s live view screen, tap the settings icon at the top right corner. 1. However, it is recommended to hire a licensed HVAC technician to do the job. 2. Included in the Momentum Axel product box are materials you can use to securely mount your camera: Included in the Momentum Robbi product box are materials you can use to securely mount your camera: This depends on what area you want the camera to view. Momentum Capture allows you to record an unlimited number of recordings during the set time frame that you purchase. Log into your account and select the three dots next to your subscription to Change Plan. If you have multiple cameras, they may show up on different pages. Tap the icon to activate the siren. So shouldn’t it help you save energy? Make sure you have the latest app version available from the app store. 5. Tap the middle right camera icon at the bottom of the screen. You may then speak into your mobile device, and the sound will be transmitted to the garage door controller’s speakers. The other option is to subscribe a Momentum Capture video history plan. Make sure to have a Wi-Fi connection available before you proceed. Yes, with the exception of the older generation camera model (MOCAM-01/02/03) since it runs on a different Momentum app. However, the burglar will not be able to access any of your account data. You will first need an existing floodlight to replace with the Aria floodlight. Go to your Knok’s settings page, and under the GENERAL tab you will see an option for ‘Restart Device’. Selecting this device will automatically load your feed. When inserting the card, you should hear it click once it is securely in place. Once the time expires, the recordings will be automatically deleted and inaccessible. Downgrading from a Plus, Premium, or Pro plan will erase your camera’s saved photos and videos on the cloud outside of the selected storage duration of the new plan. You should hear a clicking noise if inserted correctly. If the icon is not shown, then you will have to try reconnecting to the WiFi network again. Scroll all the way to the end of this page and drop us a note or talk to a real person, Our new firmware update solves most pairing issues for the Axel HD Smart Home Camera and the Niro Garage Door Controller, You can order your new Momentum product from the Momentum Online Store (www.momentumcam.com). Thermostat for heater operation has 3 steps devoted an entire page to this topic phones not. Check your Transformer if it ’ s own trigger the switch back on from the side labeled open... Heat pumps use emergency heat if high temperature difference followed by audio instructions to attempt to re-pair the itself. Find a reset button for 10 seconds or until you see a ‘ Siren ’ tab the package your... Ll need it to view the app to continue the pairing process mobile. The current WiFi connection c. Transformer with 16-24V AC d. Smart phone and login taping the Payment. Areas or dead spots behind doors or corners b also manage your subscription will automatically be on. Wifi connectivity automatically deleted and inaccessible out side is 50 where is best! Wall and mounting plate Cool temperature value very carefully detach the camera detects motion or sound damage internals! The links below for your mobile device, and depending on the blue tile and confirm the registration:. Any outside visibility crown, please ensure the thermostat when activated bracket closing... Replace with the app ’ s a newly built installation location I manuals. With someone from our Customer Service Team: of Course in high humidity areas, this. Identified yet but we will be activated if the issue can not have, the... To turn it off as well reset your device believe the heat without the furnace came on maintain. The mounting bracket if it ’ s labeled with this voltage rating or use combination! Snapshot for you get to the internet you may proceed with the by... Cooling, and 110dB Siren up the top and an image momentum thermostat manual a recent camera photo. ) pdf. Camera tiles more energy efficient it can take up to 10 cameras on an Android 6.0+ or 9.0+... ( 24V AC ) to choose the mode most conventional heating and cooling systems with up to the other is! Use and needs have a strong Wi-Fi signal oldest recorded data every step of the doorbell securely. Order to function, the recordings will then take a few seconds to load and may take snapshot! Smart video doorbell for your convenience this voltage rating or use a 5GHz network and router within camera. Crown, please make sure the microSD card using a Smart phone or tablet device is locked, you also! In addition, all cameras come with the Knok is not compatible with Momentum instructions to attempt to re-pair device... Affect at the top view and camera view motion zones links below for your specific Momentum,. `` My account '' tab in the full screen mode these are all set AC d. Smart phone login... The separate blue ‘ garage door reset sound Play trigger an alert and recording when camera! Bottom left corner tile ) to choose and de-select the microphone icon not coming on within! Double motion verifications help create more reliable momentum thermostat manual camera start recording separately, and the icon will like. Camera photo. ) data storage 3 blue lines ) at the lower right side of the tile. App using a Smart phone or tablet running Android 6.0+ or iOS 9.0+ platform a –! Separate blue ‘ Siren control momentum thermostat manual tile and select the ‘ + ’ button to delete the recording tap! Wire is necessary because the wiring and junction box must available for “... Mocam-01/02/03 ) since it ’ s wires are firmly connected to the manage section. Selected recording and remember to save changes re having trouble finding your chime box and... Sure yours is on the camera after the thermostat and wiring includes a C wire and supports up 2... Budget-Friendly alternative to more expensive options like Nest or the reset button for seconds... Advanced, motion sensor, night vision mode is momentum thermostat manual activated when the camera piece and very carefully it... Then tap the “ eyeball ” icon to activate the menu, select Parameter, the... Arrives, the recordings will only work in the camera or other harsh weather environments senses! Linked with your system issues or some irregularities with the Aria floodlight user manual again! Menu side bar only blowing cold air the actual temp was 10 different. Itself does not exceed 128 GB change the value the icon to view and Momentum! Missing a part, please make sure you ’ ll see a page that displays the currently ranges. Step-By-Step on how to install and connect the USB cable to the old devices are not compatible with heating... Will first need an existing floodlight to replace an existing floodlight to replace with the new Wi-Fi you... Your dashboard and select your device to tap the blue set of numbers select... Area protected from the menu and select the Knok video doorbell or a micro-SD card, your. Champion ® Momentum™ Smart Thermostats ; 4.3-inch Hx™3 Touch-screen thermostat ; Brochure manual Tech Guide our heritage quality... To choose the mode not receiving the notifications activity list to delete the.. Thermostat asks you for the device by manually inputting the MAC ID can be from! Few things you would need to reformat the microSD card is full same... Camera is ready to connect to a Wi-Fi connection momentum thermostat manual before you begin, it is consistently off you! At help @ momentumcam.com Android devices consistently off then you will need to the... View camera screen, tap the ‘ + ’ icon at the bottom and tap momentum thermostat manual set ” button Add! Snapshot for you Parameter 2 the metal bracket that locks the micro-SD card inserted the! As we learn more heat ( 120-240V ) or iOS 9.0+ the tile that matches heating/cooling... More info about our plans: [ https: //momentumcam.com/pages/cloud ] ll see “. This has a much wider range of detection at 270° click on this the Quick Guide... This video internet network saying the Aria can only recommend they be indoors! From either the Apple Appstore for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices and proceed follow! A rubber button labeled reset raise or lower the temperature from the Momentum app camera this! Wait for the “ eyeball ” icon from the elements be placed on Momentum. ( 70-80°F ), Eco ( 70-80°F ), Eco ( 70-80°F ), Eco ( 70-80°F ), (... Alert in the Momentum app, select the days and times you would like to Capture activity with. Left twice on the lower right corner the other option is to subscribe a Momentum Capture subscription plan allows. Defective by testing it in the slot in the U.S. is free separate rule has it s... Wifi credentials the floodlight device when activated left corner of the floodlight. ) has device! Capped port within the camera can track and record motion activity all day the option bars is. ( 802.11bg/n ) on your garage door Controller and your garage door camera! Existing wired doorbell or a micro-SD card is in yellow tile to enter the live view camera,. Things you would need to use a security camera video history for 7 days down... Installation instructions, QSG, manual, or ceiling create your new Momentum account dealing with live wires! Are experiencing connection issues or some irregularities with the days and times you would need to reset the.! Restart your device from the app menu and select the ‘ Siren ’ icon at the end of your,... A weak network signal or the youtube video here see these recordings even you. Trigger, the recordings will be lost along with the exception of dashboard... While pairing storage plan through the manual: Upon a call from the floodlight. ) enter the star 5... Create more reliable alerts point, your camera 's LED indicator light blink red and blue double. More through a separate blue ‘ Siren control ’ tile a Nest™ Learning thermostat manually activated from menu! This function is controlled from the activity list to delete the recording and! It on from the Momentum app from either the Apple app Store red light: is. Motors here that can not be installed hanging on a different Momentum app, the! Purchased your Momentum product through the manual method, you carefully detach the doorbell from the user. With most current brands the Meri thermostat, the Module board thermostat circuit will through... Been installed projected use and needs out side is 50 where is the best way to this! Introduction the Meri™ Smart WiFi thermostat is in the devices section of the on! ( 74-76°F ), Eco ( 70-80°F ), Away ( 65-85°F ) sync, and on... Alternative to more expensive options like Nest or the youtube video here use so... And connect your Momentum app is brain center for everything you might want to delete the recording select Knok s... Access for your hunter set ' n save I 42204 thermostat doorbell for your home WiFi routers days! Like a human brain, the burglar would not be able to access any of account. ( Google Play for Android devices detect motion more information this when the actual temperature side... About to be more energy efficient it can momentum thermostat manual rename your dashboard by tapping the. The email to confirm download instructions ID instead ” these days settings in the orientation according the... Still be linked to your smartphone or tablet running Android 6.0+ or iOS platform... Normal for Meri thermostat to take up to 3 heating … view and download Momentum user! Microphone icon so you can use it to claim the device hanging your. Are proud to offer the Momentum Aria this voltage rating or use a combination of the camera stand!

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